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The New M.G. Oil Login Page

At the top right-hand corner of your screen, next to the menu, you will see two textboxes; one for your "Username" and one for your "Password". This is where you will enter the same "Username" and "Password" that you have *always* used to log into the M.G. Oil website. Once you've entered your "Username" and "Password", click "Log In" and you will be redirected to a page with the links to your available applications.

The new login method is available from every main page of this website. Again, your username and password has not changed from what it used to be; it is the same.

We've integrated the C-Store website with the rest of the private M.G. Oil applications. If you used to visit cstore.mgoil.com, you no longer need to visit that page and you can log in here.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact your respective manager.

Thank you!

Who is this for?

The login page is for M.G. Oil Company employees only.

If you are a M.G. Oil Company Card holder, you must visit http://card.mgoil.com to log in and manage your account.

My Login Isn't Working

You're probably entering the wrong username and/or password. Be careful, after several invalid attempts you will be automatically locked out of the system. You must then contact your manager to be unlocked.

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