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M.G. Oil Company is based in Rapid City, South Dakota. We are directly affiliated with Automatic Vendors, the largest vending company in South Dakota; Corner Pantry, a division of convenience stores throughout South Dakota; and other various businesses in the region.

Our main office is currently located at 1180 Creek Drive, Rapid City, South Dakota. Our phone number is (605) 342-0527 and our main office normal hours of operation are Monday - Friday, 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

M.G. Card

If you're an M.G. Oil Card customer, we thank you for your business. You can find your login page at card.mgoil.com and, once logged in, will be able to view the information related to your account.

Are you interested in becoming an M.G. Oil Card customer for yourself or your business? Please give us a call at (605) 342-0527 and ask us about the M.G. Card.

Contact Info

M.G. Oil Main Office
1180 Creek Drive
Rapid City, SD 57703
Monday - Friday: 8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.
(605) 342-0527

M.G. Oil Eglin St. Warehouse
3250 Eglin St.
Rapid City, SD 57703
(605) 341-4550

News Update: February 2013

Effective February 1st, 2013, our new corporate office location is 1180 Creek Drive, behind Cambell Street and East Omaha Street.

Our phone number is still the same, and you can contact us at (605) 342-0527.

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News Update: August 2012

M.G. Oil Company & the Cornerstone Rescue Mission would like to report that the 3rd Annual Corner Pantry and The Corner Stone Rescue Mission "Homeless but not Hopeless Charity Golf Tournament to Benefit The Cornerstone Rescue Mission" charity golf tournament raised an additional $13,390.14 for the Cornerstone Rescue Mission!

This brings the total raised for the Cornerstone Rescue Mission to $38,409.49 over the past three years.

A special thank you to all of our sponsors, without which this wouldn't have been possible and another special thanks to the generosity of everyone who participated!

M.G. Oil Company & The Corner Stone Rescue Mission

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